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Add Links to Instagram

Want to add links to your instagram posts? Well, you can't.

At least not easily. For now, Instagram won't allow us to add an actual hyperlink to posts if we're "regular" accounts. Here are a few next-best options, in order of usefulness:

Option 1 - Use Linktree

Linktree is a free service that allows you to display multiple links within your Instagram profile (rather than just the one Instagram displays).


  2. Create your links to include your main blog page plus a link that updates with your LATEST POST.

  3. Update your Linktree with your monthly or weekly post links and include verbiage within your post, pointing folks toward your bio (ie. "Check my bio for Xtra content!").

Option 2 - Swap the link in your Bio for your Blog link rather than your homepage link

  1. Copy link to your Blog or aggregate News page and paste directly into your Instagram Bio area URL field

  2. Upload pic related to your Blog Post and in the description area, add a line pointing people to your bio (ie. KEEP READING link in my bio!)

Wait until you've reached Verified account status or are at 10,000 followers!

I mean...this is ideal, right? So when you're finally THERE, then they make it (slightly so much) easier:

  1. Open Instagram Story tool

  2. Click Link icon

  3. Paste link

  4. Publish Story

  5. View Story to make sure your link is correct!



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