Install HTML Signature

Should take about 10-15 minutes


  1. Save the .zip file you received to your desktop or downloads

  2. Unzip to show contents - we'll be using the file called "fancy email signature.html"

Now, determine where you’ll need to install your signature. Do you use Gmail? Hotmail? Your own personalized server? These are email providers.

Do you use Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Airmail, Canary Mail? These are email clients. You’ll need to install your signature into the webmail area of your provider if you access your email within a browser, AND via your preferred client, if you access your email within a mail program. You’ll also need to install separately on each device you use.

Access your email by logging into Gmail on a web browser? Do this:

  1. Open fancy email signature.html file in Chrome or Firefox browser (Safari will not properly format this step)

  2. Select entire signature code by clicking anywhere on web page and using CMD+A

  3. Copy using CMD+C

  4. Open Gmail online, navigate to Settings > Labs

  5. Scroll down and enable Canned Responses and Save Changes

  6. Navigate to Settings > General

  7. Scroll down to Signature area

  8. Paste copied code into signature area

  9. Save changes

Access your email using Apple Mail on your computer? Do this:

Honestly, this one is oddly complicated, and this site has very detailed instructions. Just skip Step 8 and use the file I sent CLICK HERE

Access your email using iOS Mail on your iPhone or iPad? Do this:

  1. Install signature into either Gmail or Apple mail FIRST

  2. Send yourself a blank, signed email from either Gmail or Apple mail

  3. Open the email in iOS mail application. Hold the signature until the Copy/Select All option appears. Tap Select All, then Copy.

  4. Go to iPhone Home screen and launch Settings

  5. Tap Mail > Tap Signatures

  6. Delete the plain text signature message. Then, press and hold the screen until the Copy/Paste option appears. Select Paste.

  7. Remove auto-formatting by shaking your device, triggering Undo Change > Select Undo

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 for all additional devices

Having trouble?

Book a screen-share session HERE and I'll help out!

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