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Password Management

Do you use the same password for EVERYTHING? Is that password a word or phrase with your birthday and an exclamation point?

You're definitely vulnerable to being hacked. Then again, remembering hundreds of complex passwords is hardly a workable solution. A password management system is key to keeping your passwords secure, complex, and available at your fingertips when you need them. Of course, you can use the password management system that comes with your Apple device or even via Google, but if the email address associated with those passwords gets comprimised, every single one of your passwords becomes comprimised along with your email address - not ideal.

1Password is different

1Pass stores your passwords in an encrypted file that you access using a master code. It will sync across your devices and let you know if any of your passwords have been comprimised or are vulnerable. It will tell you which passwords are re-used and even incorporate 2-factor authorization and digital keys such as Yubikey for additional security. If you've got a team of people working with you, there are sharing options and team vaults for keeping everyone on the same page. In short, it's a total password solution that helps keep you organized and always-ready to log in anywhere, anytime.

Tips & Tricks

  • Make your Master Code something easy to type in (like a PIN), as you'll be using it every time you access your passwords

  • While signing up and installing your 1Password account, save your Emergency Kit somewhere safe - if you lose this, you'll be unable to access your account, and there is NO WAY to recover this information as 1Password does not store your searchable information on their servers

  • Install browser extensions for the browsers you use daily (1Password X is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, while the extension for Safari is installed automatically)

  • Take the time to enter the logins you use now, and let the system tell you which passwords are re-used or vulnerable - and take the time to swap them out using suggestions from the app!

  • Install on your phone and sync your passwords across all devices

GET 1Password HERE


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