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Share Post via Email Marketing Campaign

Your email marketing list is LIT - and ready to receive your content! Here are a couple of ways to make sure everyone on your subscriber list gets your latest post in their inbox.

Include your latest blog post in your monthly marketing email

This method is recommended as it will embed easily and be delivered exactly as you'd like, when you want and not too often ;)

  1. Create an email marketing campaign (navigate to Dashboard > Marketing & SEO > Email Marketing

  2. Design your email with a Logo, Text Block or Columns, and a footer (minimum requirements for an email)

  3. Add "Link" block

  4. Paste link to your latest blog post into the Customize Link field

  5. Send to your subscribers!

Automatically Send to Subscribers & Site Members

Do you have your subscription service enabled on your blog? Great! Each of your subscribers will automatically recieve your latest blog post in their email as soon as you hit "Publish"

Some things to consider:

  • Schedule your content so that folx don't get emails just because it was your day to blog - use careful consideration when posting content and consider how often you want peoplt to hear from you

  • This method works well for people with high-volume site membership or who are using their blog to advertise products & services on a routine basis


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