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Email Signatures

Looking for a fancy, image-filled email signature? I used to create these myself, using HTML and complex designs. However, with devices updating frequently and email server settings constantly changing, a static, coded HTML signature will likely appear beautiful in one email system, and un-readable in another. As consistency is key, I now recommend using a service such as Wisestamp, which keeps their system constantly updated with the latest email protocol and whose signatures will appear gorgeous across platforms & devices*.

Tips & Tricks

  • Include a "PLAY DEMOS" link within your signature, or add a button that points directly toward your demos page

  • Include social media links for quick access to your active social media accounts

  • Include your Voiceweave link to allow people to automatically access your demos via Alexa

  • Create a "full" version of your signature for new emails, and a less-bulky version for replies, so you don't clog someone's conversation thread

*If someone has set their email system to reject all images or links, there is nothing you can do about your signature showing up correctly on their end, so your signature should work with or without images if you want to maximize your chance of it showing up formatted well.


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